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Broadway Applicant Proposes More Units

December 14, 2021

An application is being heard by the Zoning Board for 216 Broadway. We all know it as the Faber Brothers Carpet Store location. The building was recently sold. The new owner is seeking to convert the 1st floor into 3 apartments, in addition to the three apartments which occupy the upper level. The underlying zoning is currently single-family zoning only; it's current use is mixed-use in a R-15 zone.

What is R-15 Zone?

R-15 zone is 1 family per 15,000 sq feet which equates to 2.9 units per acre. In comparison, currently the highest density zoning in Woodcliff Lake is R-8.5 which is 1 family per 8500 sq feet which equates to 5.11 units per acre.   The new owner wants to change the zoning to a completely multi-family structure for a total of 6 rental units on 0.366 acres. This equates to a density of 16.3 units per acre. If allowed, this will set a new precedent of allowable density for the entire town.

When looking at the applicant's plans, we appreciate the owner's architectural design to beautify the facade which is reminiscent of the residential homes that once lined Broadway. However, the high density issue remains.

See Pascack Press article Broadway Applicant Proposes More Units

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