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78 Woodcliff Lake Road Affordable Housing Settlement

May 5, 2021

78 Woodcliff Lake Road in Saddle River is designated for 12 to 16 Affordable Housing units. This property sits on 2.3 acres which results in about 8 units per acre.

At the March 15, 2021 Mayor & Council meeting the public was notified that pursuant to the Governing Body's direction, the WCL borough attorney filed a complaint challenging Saddle River's zoning ordinance seeking to rezone 78 Woodcliff Lake Road from a one-family dwelling to a 16 unit multi-family residence with a density of 8 units per acre.

From this notification, it is obvious that the elected officials of Woodcliff Lake feel that 8 units or more per acre does not fit the character of Woodcliff Lake.

To ensure uniformity and unity within Woodcliff Lake, the same standards should be applied throughout our town, including 188 Broadway.

Click Here to Borough of Saddle River RFP for Development of 100% Affordable Housing Project

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