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Woodcliff Lake Council Democratic Primary - June 8, 2021

Two WCL Council seats are up for re-election this year with four Democrats running in the Democratic Primary. SHINE strongly supports Incumbent Councilman Craig Marson and his running mate Veronica "Ronnie" Appelle. They are running as "Democrats For Responsible Development" in the 3rd column on the ballot.

Craig and Veronica (Ronnie) are committed to fighting for:

  • Eliminating Excess Spending
  • Representing ALL Residents
  • Independence from Developers & Sensible Growth
  • Maintaining Our Neighborhoods
  • Our Incredible School System

Craig and Ronnie are both highly qualified and will bring their combined experience and knowledge to the Council. They value truth and transparency, and are trusted by those who know them. Read more about their qualifications at https://elect-marson-appelle.com/

Ballot for Democratic Primary June 8
Vote 3rd Column Marson & Appelle
Marson and Appelle For WCL June 8

The following is a Letter to the Editor from a WCL resident, titled "Marson and Appelle for WCL June 8". This letter was prompted after reading the submission from Josephine Higgins in the April 26 issue, page 18, titled "Explaining WCL Dems' June 8 Ballot". April 27, 2021 Dear Editor, I recently found out that […]

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Explaining WCL Dem's June 8 Ballot

The Democratic Primary Ballot for the June 8, 2021 primary will look different this year. Four Democratic candidates will appear on the ballot; however, the second column was left blank and the other two candidates, Incumbent Craig Marson and Ronnie Appelle have been placed in the 3rd column. In a Letter to the Editor in […]

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