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Marson and Appelle For WCL June 8

Date: May 3, 2021

The following is a Letter to the Editor from a WCL resident, titled "Marson and Appelle for WCL June 8". This letter was prompted after reading the submission from Josephine Higgins in the April 26 issue, page 18, titled "Explaining WCL Dems' June 8 Ballot".

April 27, 2021

Dear Editor,

I recently found out that there will be a Democratic primary election in Woodcliff Lake on June 8.  Since there would be 2 Council seats with expired terms (thus requiring an election to fill those 2 seats), I didn’t understand why 2 incumbent Council members (both Democrats) weren’t running on the same ticket.  When someone explained it to me, the political details were a bit overwhelming.  This is why, when I read the April 26 edition of the Pascack Press, I was very happy to see a Letter-to-the-Editor from Jo Higgins explaining all this.

Jo Higgins is a current Council member, a former Mayor, and chairman of the WCL Democratic Committee.  Her Letter-to-the-Editor was entitled “Explaining WCL Dems’ June 8 ballot”.  She clearly explains why Jackie Gadaleta and Craig Marson, two current Democratic Council members, are on two different ballots, each competing to fill the 2 open Council seats. 

Jackie will be running with a newcomer, Jennifer Margolis, on the “Democratic Committee of Bergen County” ticket (1st column) and Craig Marson will be running with newcomer Ronnie (Veronica) Appelle on the “Democrats for Responsible Development” ticket (3rd column).  I strongly favor the Marson/Appelle ticket.  Here’s why. . .

I’ve had an opportunity to work with Craig and Ronnie on issues related to 188 Broadway.  In doing so, I have been very impressed with their detailed understanding of the issues and their complete integrity.  They don’t owe any favors to anyone in positions of power.  Craig is a CPA and an attorney, so he is uniquely qualified to analyze the WCL budget, make sure there are no unneeded expenses, and understand any conflicts of interest among politicians, developers, etc.  Ronnie served on WCL’s Fair Housing Commission which helped our town meet its required number of affordable housing units (all of which have already been approved).  She’s also excellent at networking – keeping as many people as possible informed about local issues.

If you are a registered Democrat, I strongly urge you to vote on June 8 for Craig Marson and Ronnie Appelle, the “Democrats for Responsible Development” in column 2. 

Gwenn Levine - Woodcliff Lake

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