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Final Master Plan Review

February 17, 2022

The Planning Board will conduct the final Master Plan review on Feb 17 at 5:00 on Zoom. The next stop will be the Mayor & Council for a vote. The Planner's recommendations for Broadway are as follows (the following guidelines could eventually filter to the whole town following Developer lawsuits):

Do you know what is being proposed?

  • All of Woodcliff Lake will be vulnerable to high density.
  • The Town Planner is proposing 10 units per acre on Broadway with mixed use of retail/commercial on the ground floor
  • Increasing the heights from 36ft to 40ft
  • Increase floors from 2 1/2 to 3

Broadway has approximately 26.5 acres of potential land that could be developed. Depending on developer lawsuits, Broadway could see from 265 units up to 500 units.

The Planning Board has the power to reduce the Planner's recommended density and protect the whole town from overdevelopment.

After the Feb 17th meeting, the Master Plan will then go to the Mayor and Council for Vote. It is critical that WCL residents watch the zoom meeting. Ask questions and/or raise your concerns.

Please make your voices heard so that any future development in WCL will not exceed 6 units per acre and keeps heights to a maximum of 36ft height throughout our town.

The quality of life will be greatly impacted with high density and increased traffic congestion.

ALL of Woodcliff Lake residents will be burdened with the addition of:

  • Higher taxes
  • Overcrowded schools
  • Increased School Budgets
  • Strained Infrastructure

Watch the Planning Board Meeting to hear how each Planning Board member will vote.

Ask the following questions:

  1. Does it Serve the Residents or the DEVELOPERS?
  2. Does it Protect the Future of all Woodcliff Lake?
  3. Is the Master Plan EQUITABLE for ALL residents?
  4. When will the revised Master Plan be available to read before being voted on by your elected officials, the Mayor and Council?

Please join your community tonight while relaxing from the comfort of your home. Click on the link to the Planning Board Agenda and Zoom Link.

Don't Regret After The Fact. This Master Plan is getting closer to reaching the Mayor and Council where it will be voted on.


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